Dr. Emilia Herman practices cosmetic, holistic, mercury-free (amalgam/silver filling-free) dentistry. Her mission is to treat her patients in the most healthy, caring, holistic way possible and to share information about dental wellness with her patients so that they may make educated decisions about their oral health. She fully understands the important relationship of oral to overall health and realizes that; “You cannot be truly healthy without good oral health!”



Holistic/Healthy Dentistry is a philosophy that recognizes that the teeth and associated oral structures are a part of the whole body. Because of this important relationship we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment options. Due to her advanced training and emphasis on both oral and total health, Dr. Herman takes a unique Whole Body approach to oral health care; combining sound dental science, modern technology, and dental experience – with a deep concern for her patient’s physical and emotional well-being and comfort.


As your Oral Health Doctor, Dr. Herman is aware that mercury vapor, dental infections, and TMJ (bite) problems can have a negative impact on overall health. Because of this concern, we focus on patient education and strive to remove mercury amalgam (silver) fillings in a safe way.